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Distributor: Inventory



Using a labeling system

reduces the number of hours

spent managing inventory

Scan QR Code

Access your slabs on SlabWare App
by reading the QR Code Labels with
your phone´s camera

Access Slab information

When scanning the label all the info about
the material, such as the measurement
and the type of finishing, as well as the
status of the slabs will be displayed on
your screen.

Edit, create and share

Create bundles, edit slab information
and share it with your team and
customers. Check the availability of
a Slab, and find out to which order it
is assigned.

Inventory Always Updated
gives you peace of mind


Add Slab to your Inventory

SlabWare groups all your slabs
into Bundles to better organize
your inventory.

Know exactly how many
slabs you have

How can I bring my inventory to SlabWare?

Watch the tutorial video on our YouTube channel and learn how easy it is to transfer your inventory to SlabWare.

Show your slabs
to a customer!

If you already have a website you can keep it and link your SlabWare website to your main one, so you will still be able to display your inventory online!


Deep Control

Monitor your inventory more efficiently.
SlabWare helps you organize your entire inventory and make the most of it, everything 100% online.


  • • Material
  • • Thickness
  • • Quality
  • • Finishing
  • • Block
  • • Bundle

Have access to every material level.
Predict inventory reorders.
Eliminate costly errors.

All the power of QuickBooks with the ease of SlabWare

We’ll simplify how you track your business finances, so you can focus on the bigger picture

Your entire
is here


SlabWare App

your entire stock right on your phone

You can manage your Slab Inventory.

  • • Register your bundles and slabs with photos and details.
  • • Have a live inventory to easily manage the details, status and important information.
  • • Scan the QR Code Labels with the SlabWare APP and access all the information from a slab.

Distributor: Inventory