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Distributor: Purchase Management


Purchase Management

Organize Purchase Orders

SlabWare helps you organize purchase orders. Because it is important for every business to find suppliers with good prices and quality.

Purchase Order

Use the Purchase Order feature to create your estimates!
Create an order proposal by specifying the type of material, number of slabs and an upper limit for the amount to be paid.

With the Supplier feature you create a list with all your best suppliers.

SlabWare helps you to manage your costs when buying from a supplier.


Once you close the deal with your supplier, use the Container feature to register all the details of your purchase. Add all the info from the Bill such as list of costs, payments, documents and bundles.

Manage and create orders on SlabWare APP in sales mode. With a few clicks it is possible to create an order adding slabs, discounts, fees, delivery date and more.

All the power of QuickBooks with the ease of SlabWare

We’ll simplify how you track your business finances, so you can focus on the bigger picture

Distributor: Purchase Management