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Distributor: Sales Tools


Sales Tools

SlabWare is focused on sales and has all the features that will improve your service and help you stand out in the market.


As a Distributor, it is normal that many budgets are made.

Use the Pre-Oder feature to give your prospects estimates.

Edit the pre-order, share it with your customer. Once approved, you can confirm the order.

Use the filters below to better
navigate through orders

Invoice Due
Current Month
Not Delivered


The Order tab allows you to create and edit invoices and packing lists for your
customer, as well as specify additional discounts and/or fees.

  • • Add the customer
  • • Select the slabs
  • • Edit prices and details

    Edit, download, share and attach
    documents to an order in seconds:

  • • Invoice
  • • Packing List
  • • Signature
  • • Photos


Advantages of a Newsletter

A newsletter keeps your company in the minds of your
customers and helps you stay in touch with them. It also
allows you to reach out to new customers.

Select Bundles from your inventory and share them
with a potential customer via a Newsletter.

Choose the information you want on your email:

  • • Photos
  • • Prices
  • • Link to your website
  • • And more


Everyone has those slabs that are not selling much.

In this case, you can create a newsletter with these materials and
send it to customers who are looking for a good price.

Distributor: Sales Tools