Find any Slab faster
with the SlabWare APP

Inventory in the
Palm of Your Hand



Whether on your way to the office, at home, or
at the port, with the SlabWare APP, you have
quick and easy access to your Inventory
wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Check all info, like costs, slabs status, etc.

Smart Label

Forget the expensive scanner you carried around all day.

In the age of technology, we all have powerful devices. SlabWare's Smart Labels have a
QR Code that allows you to read using your phone's camera through the SlabWare App.

Scan and Check
Bundles info
Slabs info

Read the QR Code and quickly access
detailed information about that Slab and
all the info about the Bundle it is in. Check
the Slabs' Supplier, Price, and more, and
know exactly how many Slabs there are in
the Bundle.

Create and Edit Orders

Share them with your customers.

Have fast access to all orders on the Sales Mode,
and easily create new ones with discounts, fees,
delivery dates, and more.

Favorite Slabs

Favorite the best Slabs for your
client and share pictures or all info
with them through messages,
email, etc.

Along with the message, your
client has the link to go straight to
your Website and access more
details about the Bundle.

Higher control with
Slab Status

Check and change

Slab Status

Label Setup

To start using your Smart Label, configure it in a few steps. Watch the video below and have a smart Inventory.

All your slabs can
be instantly read
Optimize Your

Inventory Check

Use the QR Code Labels to run an Inventory Check.
It allows you to verify if your online inventory
records match your physical stock.

All through the
SlabWare APP

organized and easy to understand


SlabWare App is available in 3 versions: Fabricator, Distributor and Exporter. Download the App, activate it on your Back-End system, and start using it. Available for any iOS and Android device.