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Exporter: Sales Tools


Website | Bundle Description

If you already have a website you can keep it and link your SlabWare website to your main one, so you will still be able to display your inventory online!

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With SlabWare APP you can scan labels using your phone and acess all the information of a slab or from the entire bundle.


Slabs selected by customers will be added to the cart and then a notification will be sent to your backend and email.

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Sales mode App

Create and manage your orders in sales mode on SlabWare APP. In just a few steps you can create an order adding bundles, discounts, fees, delivery date and more.


The Order tab allows you to create and edit invoices and packing lists for your customer, as well as specify additional discounts and/or fees.

In Bundle Details tab, you have access to all the information about the bundle, such as the number of slabs, type of material and thickness. You can edit information like measurements and value per SQFT/SQMT.

Collect payments to have a better control. SlabWare delivers financial organization by streamlining payments and profits details.


Advantages of a Newsletter

A newsletter keeps your company in the minds of your
customers and helps you stay in touch with them. It also
allows you to reach out to new customers.

Select Bundles from your inventory and share them
With a potential customer via a Newsletter.

Choose the information you want on your email:

  • Photos
  • Prices
  • Link to your website
  • And more
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Exporter : Sales Tools