How To Organize Your Inventory in 4 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how much easier your work life would be if your stock and inventory management was 100% organized?

Imagine being able to look at your shop and instantly know how many slabs you have, the status of each one, and for all this information to be available online to you, your team, and even your customers?

Does this sound like an impossible task?  What if we tell you that this can all be done in 4 easy steps?  That’s right! With Slabware you’ll have full control over your entire inventory with 4 simple and easy steps!

See How Below!

1- Inspection of Materials

The first step is material inspection. For both newly arriving materials and those already in stock there is no substitute for close inspection. Material weight, measurements, and other general characteristics should be noted along with product strengths, weaknesses, and best practices.

This information should be entered into a standardized form.

After new materials are inspected they can be moved to their storage area and the storage location noted as well.

2- Take Photos

With all materials inspected, the next step is to take photographs.

Choose a location with good lighting that highlights the actual colors and characteristics of the material. Remember the information from the inspection report and take as many photos of these items as possible. This gives your sales team a wealth of information to pass on to your customers.

In many companies the inspection and photography will be done at different times and by different people. This is why the inspection from Step 1 is so important. A thorough report allows the photographer to check for special material qualities or imperfections and make the most realistic and useful photos possible.

3- Upload Slab Information

OK — Now you have all the information about your materials such as size, weight, location, and of course the photos.

Now we’ve reached the most important step of the inventory management process — where to enter this information? Spreadsheets? Folders on computers throughout the business? How can people access it?

SlabWare is the answer to all of these questions!

In less than two minutes you can enter all this information using the SlabWare system. Once this information is entered anyone on your team can access, view, and edit the status of every slab in your inventory.

SlabWare makes it easy to upload your old spreadsheets directly to the software. Or integrate with QuickBooks. You can even upload slab information and photos direct from your supplier — providing they also use SlabWare.

4- Display It Online

Now that your inventory is organized and the information is easily available within your company, how do you present it to your customers as well and create sales?

If you’re using SlabWare you already have an integrated online store! Seamless and easy to use. Integration with your inventory means that every time a sale occurs your online store and backend inventory are automatically updated.

Your sales team can present your materials anywhere via phone, tablet, or computer. Information can be filtered to different access groups by toggling price displays on/off and creating customer registrations allowing you to limit the access of curious competitors.

SlabWare comes with all these tools and more with different versions (Fabricator, Distributor, and Exporter) geared to specific subsets of the stone industry.

You can test the software now with our FREE TRIAL!

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