Date: 09/06/2022

Countertop Fabricators’ most common pain points


SlabWare has been working with Countertop Fabricators throughout the years, so we understand the pain points of the business, whether it’s disorganized inventory, slow drawing and estimating, or inefficient scheduling.

We believe that with the right tool our customers have the potential to keep growing, easily sail through each challenge, and focus on what’s really important: more sales.

Our goal at SlabWare is to be that tool to help the stone industry to cut costs and save time by automating processes.

Some of the most common issues we hear from customers include:

        •   Decentralized information
        •   Unprofessional quotes
        •   Poor and slow drawing
        •   Loads of outdated paper notes that get lost
        •   Inefficient scheduling


Don’t worry! SlabWare has a reliable and efficient software solution for your main problems.

        1.   Decentralized information


It’s a common thing that growing companies have a little difficulty getting a clear view of what’s happening across the entire business. It happens because all the information is decentralized, and each department uses different systems.

Scattered information leads to inefficient processes, a waste of business time and money, and decisions being made on incomplete data.

Countertop fabrication companies base their whole routine on their material, and that’s why an inventory management solution is the best option for you.

With SlabWare, countertop fabricators have all the slabs’ details and can manage their inventory, anytime, anywhere they are, with a computer or with the SlabWare app. 

Knowing which slabs are available for sale, or on hold, their location, and more, really gives you a better overview of your inventory. Besides that, all the other features of SlabWare are integrated with the inventory, so it is automatically updated after each quote, drawing, or sale. It will guarantee that the same slab won’t be sold twice, for example.

SlabWare inventory also helps countertop fabricators to see and use their remnant slabs, avoiding missing any sales opportunity and increasing their profit.

SlabWare simplifies the tracking process and helps your business to avoid human errors.


        2.   Unprofessional quotes


If you take hours or days to give potential customers a quote, you may be losing them to competitors. Fast, digital, and professional-looking quotes are more likely to gain credibility with customers than hand-drawn quotes that sometimes they can’t even fully understand.

SlabWare provides you with professional quotes without needing any other program.

Our quote is clear, informative, and detailed. Countertop fabricators don’t need to worry about projects that extend beyond one area of the house because SlabWare’s Quote allows them to create multiple areas in one project.

With our quote feature, you can show your customers what their countertop will actually look like after installation, and you can get their signature digitally before moving on with the project, so you have their approval for each step.

Quickly give your customers a professional and transparent quote. You can readily email them, or create it in front of them so they don’t leave your shop without a quote. Make them trust your professionalism.


        3.   Poor and slow drawing


Just like the quotes, countertop fabricators need to provide professional drawings if they want to close a deal with potential customers.

If you’re still making your countertops’ drawings by hand, you’re wasting time that could be used to focus on the growth of your business.

With SlabWare, templating countertops and creating quotes is fast and easy, and it looks good and organized with fast access. You can easily go through all the drawing steps.

You can choose from a preset template or create your own and define all the measurements, and add all the details on this countertop - like curves and bump-outs, and cutouts to add any products like sinks, cooktops, and others. You can also add the material you want and overlay real slab images on the countertop, matching the veins and seams to show your customers how the slab will fit into the design of their countertop – and this helps a lot to close the deal. You can even define all price details.

All of that within just a few minutes. Use a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, and your stock will be automatically updated after you finish it.

When you're in a competitive industry like this, extra customer service really helps. When we show what the countertop will look like, people get excited, and what is more, this helps you improve communication with your potential customers. 

SlabWare Drawing feature will save you time and simplify your processes.


        4.   Loads of outdated paper notes that get lost


Do you still run your business based on paper? Do you still use the old whiteboard to organize your employees’ workflow?

Paper can take up too much space in your shop or office, it isn’t automatically updated after each new piece of information, and it can always get lost for different reasons.

In a growing business, information can’t be on just one piece of paper that is not easily accessible to everyone. Besides that, the market has changed a lot after the Covid pandemic, everything is done online now.

SlabWare is the online solution for countertop fabricators. Never lose any information. SlabWare is cloud-based. Your whole stock is registered in one place, accessible to your entire team, from anywhere, at any time.

Another benefit of going digital with SlabWare is that countertop fabrication businesses can manage entire projects without losing any info and dates, and without getting lost in any step of the process, from quoting and templating to installation.

Forget about the old whiteboard and sticky notes, and the gigantic physical documents files. Streamline your processes and save time to see more customers and do more jobs.


        5.   Inefficient scheduling


Scheduling is what keeps everything alive.

After you close a deal, your customers want to know exactly how long it will take to have their countertop installed at their homes. If your employees are not on the same page, you could give your client the wrong information, besides taking the risk of wasting time and resources on communication issues, improper scheduling, and unnecessary waiting.

The countertop fabrication business is hard enough. Rely on a good scheduling program and offer high standard service quality to your customers. Using sticky notes or a whiteboard to organize your process isn’t efficient unless you are right in front of it all the time.

SlabWare provides you with the Job Tracker feature, without needing any other program. Your team can register photos before and after each job, get customers to digitally sign after each stage is completed, and keep the whole process organized, with no miscommunication, and no asking around.

Our Job Tracker offers a calendar where every user can visualize each step, from templating to installation, with expected dates and the employee assigned to each task. Besides, all employees have their own page with the My Jobs feature, so they know exactly what and when they have to do.

All that is accessible from any device, anywhere you are.

Forget about the Whiteboard and go digital!

Solve your countertop fabrication problems with SlabWare

SlabWare offers all the features to help your stone company cut costs, automate routine tasks, improve efficiency, streamline your business operations and accounts, replace paper processes, and have quicker and more accurate information.

SlabWare’s features, from inventory management to delivery, will improve your business and increase your sales.

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