Date: 09/21/2022

Inventory Software: The key to growing your countertop business

You want your countertop fabrication business to grow and become more professional, right? And organization is the key to professionalism.

I know, the first thing that comes to your mind as a countertop fabricator is probably that your drawing is the first and most important thing in your business. And we couldn’t disagree with you.

On the other hand, have you ever stopped to think that the whole sales routine should be based on your stock? That’s how it happens in most companies, whether it’s an eCommerce site, a restaurant, or a logistics one. It wouldn’t be different in a countertop company.

Creating professional-looking countertop layouts and quotes is essential, and so is organizing well all your slabs. However, this process may be time-consuming and tedious.

Nowadays with so much technology, the best way to manage stock is using Inventory Management Software.

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management Software is a tool that automates stock and warehouse management, streamlining effective inventory tracking. It optimizes and maps all the extent of the journey of a product, from the order placement with your supplier to the delivery to your client.

Accurate inventory management can minimize waste, analyze trends, and lead countertop businesses to make better decisions.

There are some crucial features countertop fabricators should look for in inventory management systems.

Inventory optimization: It’s important to keep track of the exact amount of products you have in stock, to avoid over or understocking. Being able to quickly search for any item you need also helps optimize your inventory.
QR code label: A simple label can save you a lot of time. Simply read the QR code with your phone and identify each slab’s info and details, optimizing inventory management. Labels also allow fabricators to run an inventory check and verify if the physical inventory matches the digital one.

Stock notifications: Receiving notifications of the quantities of items you have helps a lot, so you know when to place an order or offer discounts to clear out extra stock.

Reports generation: The more well-informed you are, the best your countertop business will be running. It’s important to have a system that shows data about your most popular materials, slabs' status, and the material coming soon.

Multilocation management: Having more than one warehouse should not be a worry. With good inventory management software, fabricators know the exact location of slabs and other materials, and the stock should be automatically updated after each change.

Material grouping: Grouping slabs in bundles leads to better organization. Another important thing to look for is a good range of filters, so you can always search for products any way you need. Like this, you and your team are always updated on the material.

Purchase order records: It’s important to keep track of everything you do in your company. Keep records of all your orders, so you can easily identify the products that are in high demand, as well as the ones that are not selling so much, and be better prepared to meet your clients' needs.

Still in doubt about which inventory management software to adopt?

SlabWare is the software solution for your stone business.

At SlabWare countertop fabricators find not only complete drawing and scheduling tools, but also great inventory management.

We offer your business the chance to organize and manage your whole stock without slowing your company down. That tedious process becomes an essential part of your workflow, in an efficient and simple way.

All of that without needing any additional program, with no extra cost. Everything is included in your SlabWare account.

There are only a few simple steps your countertop fabrication company needs to follow before starting to have a smooth workflow with great inventory management with SlabWare.

First, you need to register your materials, which SlabWare makes simple and easy. If you already have an Excel document with all your slabs, it’s easy and fast to transfer your stock to SlabWare in a few clicks. In case you don’t have any record of your inventory, with our app you can register your entire warehouse with just your smartphone.

After your stock is all registered, just add some photos of your material. Now, if you want to, you are ready to even display your products online, 24/7, on a website SlabWare easily sets up for you with no extra cost.

Having the materials registered and the photos added to them, you just need to print and identify your slabs with our QR code labels, and everything is prepared for the magic to happen.

Make sure your physical stock matches your digital inventory, using the labels to easily run an inventory check with SlabWare’s app.

Inventory under control means smooth workflow, which means fewer worries and more time to focus on other important things.

SlabWare’s inventory is connected to all our features. Your stock will always be automatically updated after each quote and drawing, or after the completion of each step of a countertop project with Job Tracker, which is our scheduling system.

Remember, your drawing and schedules are not running as efficiently as they could be if you still don’t have an integrated inventory management system.

Come and check out the SlabWare experience. Get started for free!

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