The Benefits of Having an Online Management System

The ability to work from home can be valuable when you just can’t make it to the office for some reason.  With SlabWare you have total access to all of your files from any device with an internet connection.

Run Your Business From Wherever You Want

With all your information online you can work from home or anywhere else.  The ability to manage and organize business data with only a few clicks saves you time and gives your employees access to the data they need.



Sell More

With an online store your customers can access your inventory wherever they want, increasing your chance at a sale. SlabWare handles the entire sales process and all the sales documents can be generated; invoice, pro-forma, delivery estimates, etc..


Fast Access to Data

With your inventory in their hand, your salespeople won’t need to take your clients into the warehouse or office to see materials.  All the information about every material, bundle, and slab will be just a few clicks away. Email integration makes it easy to share this info upon request.


Control your Finances

With all your business information and metrics displayed in a single online system you’ll have a crystal-clear overview of your business and SlabWare’s automatically generated reports will keep you updated about every important focal point.



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Great !!!!

I would like to know the cost to have 7 users.

Call me at 17139929058

I need price details

I would be interested in having a demo with a sales person and the cost of each user or a cost of multiple users. My direct line is 406-751-5004.

Thank you!


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The ultimate tool you need to have complete control of your inventory and all sales routine of your business!

With Slabware you have control over all your slabs/remnants, such as quantity, location, status, measurements, photos, and much more!

Manage all business routine of your company through a single system. With SlabWare your stock is available 24 hours online! You can access your inventory anywhere, at any time!