Date: 02/02/2023

SlabWare's 3D Kitchen Visualizer: the ultimate kitchen visualization experience

How do you, Countertop Fabricator, help your clients choose the material, color, and texture for their countertops before they close the deal with your company?

Homeowners are tired of flipping through swatches and trying to imagine what a new granite countertop will look like in their homes. They wish they could see exactly how different textures and colors will work together before making a purchase.

We have a solution that will revolutionize the way your clients plan and visualize their kitchen renovation.

As a management software provider for stone businesses, SlabWare is proud to announce the release of our new tool: the 3D Kitchen Visualizer. This innovative tool offers a unique and exciting way for Countertop Fabricators to showcase their slabs and products to homeowners looking to renovate their homes.


The 3D Kitchen Visualizer is a cutting-edge tool that will allow your clients to design and customize their dream kitchen with ease. It’s possible to choose from a variety of wall and floor textures, as well as change the colors to match one’s personal style.

The best part is that users can experiment with different slabs options to see which type of material, color and texture works best for their space, allowing them to see how different colors and textures will look in a realistic, three-dimensional environment.


If you are a Countertop Fabricator, and you’re interested in using the tool, don’t worry, because it’s really easy to configure the 3D Kitchen Visualizer and make it available for your clients to use the tool on your company's SlabWare website.

You only need to upload photos of your slabs to your SlabWare Back-End system (the Admin Area), and these will be the options available for your clients to choose from when using the tool.


Not only is the 3D Kitchen Visualizer fun and interactive, but it also offers numerous benefits for both the seller and the buyer.

Benefits for Countertop Fabricators:

- Provide customers with an interactive, immersive experience that allows them to see and visualize the various options for their kitchen or bathroom renovation.

- Streamline the selection process by allowing customers to easily change colors, textures, and materials in real time.

- Increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of returns and cancellations by providing a more accurate representation of the final product.

Benefits for Homeowners:

- Explore and experiment with different color and texture combinations in a simulated environment, helping them make more informed and confident purchasing decisions.

- Visualize the finished product, allowing them to better understand how the countertops will look in their home.

- Save time and effort by eliminating the need to physically visit multiple showrooms to view samples.

The 3D Kitchen Visualizer is easy to use. Users should simply select the desired room (kitchen, bathroom, or living room) and begin customizing the wall, floor, and cabinet colors and textures.

Once the environment matches the client's real house style, they can change between different types of slab textures and colors available in the tool to help them decide which type of stone would best fit their home.


At SlabWare, our goal is to make processes as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you and, consequently, for your clients, and the 3D Kitchen Visualizer is just one of the many ways we are accomplishing this. It is a valuable addition to the SlabWare suite of features, offering a new level of interactivity and customization.

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