Date: 02/21/2022

3 Brilliant Ways to Use Your Inventory in SlabWare

Follow the slab’s entire life time.

With the Slabware inventory it is possible to follow the entire life time of the slab, our system works with all the features linked to your inventory, so you have full control from your entry into stock to delivery to the customer's home.

To help you control it, follow the status of the slab setting them as available, hold, sold, loss, broken... for every slab situation, a status for it.

Anticipate problems

Having full control of your inventory helps your inventory team 200% to keep you up to date with the input of materials, if you use the ADVANCED version, there is nothing to worry about, Slabware updates everything automatically as you use the features and links the slabs to the quote.

With all this control it is easy for your team to predict high demand materials decreasing in stock.

Customer's slab broke during the fabrication and there is no replacement? Check out the slabs with ‘coming soon’ status and know the prediction of a new one right away!

More security to your information

When we talk about company data, having storage security is critical.

SlabWare is a great alternative, since it has all information protected at the time of traffic between the computer and the server, using encryption technologies similar to those applied by banks.

Besides, you can control who has access to certain data through features such as user profiles and access permissions.

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