Date: 05/18/2020

Software that tracks slab´s fabrication

Are you looking for a software that will track all your slabs fabrication? For example: You want the shop to select a slab, assign it to a job, report remnant size, fabrication issues, location of new remnant, etc?

To have reports of square feet cut per template and actual square feet cut, resulting in calculation of waste?

What about to be able load the new slab inventory either via Excel, or where the software allows for quick data duplication of slab dimensions?


Introducing: SlabWare

We have exactly what you are looking for!

The version of SlabWare system for Fabricators was specially developed to solve these major problems faced everyday by all stone fabricators world wide: Slabs/Remnant Inventory + Estimates / Job scheduling.

With our system you will have a perfect inventory control, including of your remnants, by using the Estimate feature, which is the perfect management system for all your jobs. By adding slabs to an estimate, it will automatically hold that slab for that job and whatever is left from that piece will automatically be tagged as a remnant piece. You will be able to generate all kinds of reports too. There is an address for every slab or remnant, and by using our QR Code readable stickers you can not only know exactly the status from each piece but you can also tag that slab to a new estimate or even release it back to inventory. Furthermore, we have also options for you to give your special accounts (such as builders, contractor, architects, etc) the chance to refer end customers by using your online inventory from SlabWare. With a special login you will provide them, they can even tag slabs online (if you allow them to) and they will have a perfect followup or all estimates or jobs related to their account.

Manage all business routine of your company through a single system. With SlabWare your stock is available 24 hours online! You can access your inventory anywhere, at any time!

You will notice also how easy it is to upload new materials and slabs to our system. Yes, you can do it thru excel, by importing files to the system or you can even sync to QuickBooks if you want.

I suggest you to give it a try into our 30 day free trial. Simply fill the form and click on Get Started and you will have the chance to try it all for 30 days

If you prefer, we can always schedule a phone call so I can guide you thru every feature from our system so you will have a complete experience with it.

Click Here to schedule a time that works best!

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