Date: 07/23/2020

Zebra printer – What is it, types of labels and where to buy

SlabWare recomends the use of Zebra Printer.

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In a termic printer you can print on different types of labels some of that adhesive and water/sun resistant. SlabWare offers differents models of automatically generated labels for you to print and to put on your slabs and blocks. All models with a QRcode that you can use for update and check your material’s information.

Here are some types of labels that you can print using SlabWare:

Label 4.3″ x 0.6″

Label 2.68″ x 1″

Labels 4″ x 1“


But if you don’t want to buy a termic printer you can use your common printer, but be warned: the label may not last long because it will be a paper label.

Here are some models that you can print on your common printer:

Ordinary A4 paper

Label A4 3.4”x 0.6”

SlabWare offers these options to you. Now you choose which one suits your needs.

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