Date: 12/07/2022

Personalized Online Portfolio for Countertop Fabricators

Do you know what an online portfolio is? What comes to your mind when you think of one?

There is a common misconception that digital portfolios are only suitable for artists or professionals who work with art, such as designers, photographers, etc. This idea probably comes from the fact that such professionals have been using this resource for a long time to showcase their work.

However, professionals from different areas could benefit a lot from having portfolios, especially digital ones.

But after all, what is a portfolio?

A (digital) portfolio is a personalized website, usually dedicated to showcasing some form of work. While it's usual to see photography, design, architecture, and other artistic portfolios, why not have a page to display installed Countertop projects?

Professional portfolios are a fantastic way to highlight your successes as well as demonstrate your ability to grow. It’s an opportunity to show customers how well you’re doing in the business.

And here is where Countertop Fabricators are included. Displaying your best projects is the best way to offer your services. After all, in the present days, more and more, a picture is still worth a thousand words (if not more).

As a Countertop Fabricator, you should have pictures and videos of your beautiful countertops installed in customers’ houses and showcase the beauty and details of slabs and other products you might have. You can even ask your clients to share their feedback and add it to the portfolio.

One essential thing to keep in mind when building your digital portfolio is that it must be developed to embrace the client's point of view.

Picture yourself as a homeowner who is looking for a Countertop Fabrication company to reform your kitchen and install a new countertop in your house. What would be a decisive factor in choosing a professional to work on your project?

Sometimes customers don't have enough knowledge about all the processes involved for you, Countertop Fabricator, to deliver the final project and install the countertop in their houses. In such cases, what matters most to them is how the final result will look in their kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas of the house.

Aesthetics do matter. Beautiful details combined with good photos may be the key. That's how well-built portfolios help establish the trust of potential customers in your business.

Keep in mind that professionals working at a Countertop Company are used to dealing with them daily, but for each client, that is a special and unique countertop. They will likely keep the same one for years, so they want it to be as elegant and good-looking as possible.

Here are 3 benefits an online portfolio may bring to Countertop Fabrication companies:
1. It boosts your online presence
People usually google professionals before closing deals. Which companies do you take more seriously? The ones that pop up in the first results or the last ones?
Strong online portfolios may help your business to get a better rank in SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). This will take your online presence to the next level and promote your company.

2.  It’s a business card for future clients
Potential clients are more likely to be impressed and consider your service if they see that you have taken the time to build a beautiful online portfolio. It allows you to present your work the way you wish.
Consequently, future clients will have a better idea of what your company offers, and chances are they will choose you over the competition.

3. It shows consistency and professionalism
An updated professional portfolio is a strong way to showcase the consistency of your job.
By taking a close look at your photos, clients get the chance to realize how much you have developed and improved over time, how committed and professional you care to be, and the level of dedication you put into your work.
Did you know that SlabWare provides your business with a customizable website with an available portfolio page at no extra cost?

And it's easier to configure and use than you imagine.

When you hire SlabWare to manage your Countertop Fabrication business, you get your company a website along with the system.

On the website, there is a section called Job Gallery. That's where you can display photos of your Countertop projects. The Job Gallery is your online portfolio.

Your employees take beautiful pictures after installing the countertops in customers' houses straight from their smartphones using the SlabWare app and save them directly within that project Order. This way, pictures are easily located afterward.

Once you have the pictures you want, it's super easy to upload them to your Back-End system and showcase them on the Job Gallery.

Display your best projects, create a great customer experience with SlabWare, and increase your sales.

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