Date: 06/20/2020

Purchase order

Purchase order is essentially a list of what you want to buy and the prices you want to receive.
Purchase orders are usually used by businesses who are ordering goods in large quantities. They allow the supplier to track when payments have been made on specific orders. In return, buyers hold copies of orders they place to monitor timely receipt of the items.

With SlabWare, you can create and send your POs automatically Below, we show how to create your PO in three easy steps.

1 - Basic information


Enter all the basic purchase information, such as supplier, price, delivery date, contact, etc.

2 - Materials



Select the materials. You can enter as many materials as you like in each PO 

3 - Finish


After being closed, the PO cannot be edited again. You can print or use SlabWare’s built-in emal feature to easily send it to your customer.

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