Date: 07/05/2020

10 Reasons why you need SlabWare

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1- Website

Your SlabWare website can be both a homepage and website for your business and a live inventory for you to display your slabs to customers.

2- Online Inventory

With SlabWare you can display your inventory online to your customers on your own Slabware website.
This means you have an online store open 24/7!


3- Reports


You can create all your reports; inventory reports, slabs held or sold, ageing, customer databases, pending orders and production reports, slabs on consignment, and so many more..


4- Remnants

With SlabWare you can turn remnants from a storage problem to a sales opportunity! And SlabWare puts it online too! Create a special section of your online store to display and sell your remnants to your customers.

5- Labels

SlabWare’s QR code generator lets you make labels to keep track of all your slabs and remnant pieces along with their assigned locations and jobs.

6- Kitchen Visualizer

Use your own SlabWare website to give customers the ability to see how different materials you stock would appear in sample kitchen layouts.

7- Orders Management

Keep perfect track of your company’s orders and materials including slabs on hold, consigned, sold, etc.

8- Purchase Order

Easily create, send, and track purchase orders to your suppliers with a list of needed items such as slabs, sinks, tools, etc.

9- CRM

Strengthen and grow your business with the suite of sales tools provided by SlabWare including personalized email and texting along with statistics, custom pricing profiles for different customers and groups, and customer click indicators and metrics for your website and your communications.

10- No contract need

You can cancel anytime you want.

All of that and much more for

Fabricator $99
Distributor $149
Exporter $199

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Free trial

Click here and make a 30 day free trial!
If you have any doubts about SlabWare you cam schedule a call with our support team! Just click on the link


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