Date: 03/03/2022

New Feature: Sales mode App Distributor

First of all you need to open your Slabware App and put all the login data so you will be able to access the system.

After you enter the system with your account data, you can choose in what mode you will work.

You can choose between the Management Mode and Sales Mode. For you to be able to sell your slabs or bundles you have to use the Sales Mode.

When you choose the Sales Mode you need to select or create a new Customer.

On Sales Mode you will be  able to add slabs to your own online shop cart by clicking the plus icon.

After that, you can put how many slabs from the  bundle you want and click at Add to cart to confirm.

Once you confirm your order that page will open, click at the small pencil and you will be able to change the slabs price as you want.

In this page you can set different prices for the slabs.

You can also set all the slabs chosen with the same price using this tool.

That way, all the slabs will have the same price automatically. Once you set the prices as done, click the SAVE button.

In the cart, you will find the option to add more slabs. You can add as many as you want. Also there’s a edit information button bellow.

In the Edit page you can put the job references, additional prices as Taxes, Shipping Cost or Discout, also Estimated date of the products shipping. All the additional prices will automatically appear on the buttom.

After adding all the new information you need to click at the SAVE button, to set everything up.

Finally, you can download all the documents related to the order under the DOCUMENTS button.

Here you can download all of that information in PDF, you can choose the most useful to you by selecting the  presented checkboxes.

To check your orders list you need to go to the main page and click hamburger menu, to display the ORDERS opition.

In orders list,you can find all the information about the placed orders.


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