Date: 02/21/2022

SlabWare for Small Business

Is your Countertop Company growing?

If you intend to turn your company into a greater business, staying in spreadsheets and/or notebooks you may not be able to handle it.

You need to bet on technology and hire the perfect software for your business

SlabWare is the software made and designed for marble manufacturers, putting together all the most important information of your business, such as sales quantity, incoming/outcoming of stock and all the tools needed to run our countertop business, such as Drawing, Quote & Invoice, Label, team management and more.

“But how can SlabWare help me to grow my business”

Here in SlabWare, we believe that for success in the Countertop market the main success factor is to have a great inventory control, after all it is what your company invests on, to have a variety of materials for your customer.

But inventory control can be your ally or can hinder your company's development. Trust in your inventory spreadsheet is a crucial factor and with so many orders, slabs that are lost in the middle of the process, inputs and output in stock... It's hard to keep your inventory up to date, you end up messing everything up and go on with no time for anything.

In addition to that, the loss of valuable information for your business… this whole process generates a cost for your company. SlabWare keeps its inventory always up to date automatically, and all these information lost, such as:

Which slabs did you sell the most this month?

How many slabs do I have reserved for clients?

How many slabs do I have on the way?

With SlabWare you have all these answers and more time to focus on what really matters, with the information in your favor to outline the best strategy and scale your business.

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