SlabWare’s New Version for Fabricators -- The Easiest Inventory Management


The most complete slab management system meant for the stone industry is now even easier to use.  With a few clicks you can now manage your entire inventory as well as have your own custom online store.  Watch this quick presentation on some of the new features in this version of SlabWare:


Basic Mode


Meant for the customer looking for a simple system to manage their slabs, SlabWare developed basic mode.  Basic Mode gives the ability to control all your slabs and manage their status without features you don’t use.

Fewer Clicks to Add Slabs to your System


Enter materials, customers, and suppliers once and then select them from the drop-down menu each time in the future.?

Show Your Slabs Online


If you go to your SlabWare website you’ll see the bundle we created there.  Your customers can now see and even order that bundle now!

Upgrade your System Anytime -- No Extra Costs

Once you’re familiar with SlabWare you can upgrade from Basic Mode to more complex versions with more detailed financial and inventory management systems.

Why wait?  Start your trial now and let SlabWare manage your inventory and business routines!
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The ultimate tool you need to have complete control of your inventory and all sales routine of your business!

With Slabware you have control over all your slabs/remnants, such as quantity, location, status, measurements, photos, and much more!

Manage all business routine of your company through a single system. With SlabWare your stock is available 24 hours online! You can access your inventory anywhere, at any time!