Date: 12/20/2021

Add Fabricated status to the Slab

SlabWare makes it easy to integrate technology into all areas of your business.

In SlabWare, you can now add " set as Fabricated " status to the slab, giving you full control over how many and which Slabs are cut.

This simplifies your logistics, improves the accessibility of the slab process and automates its operation.

To use the " Fabricated" status, simply take a step-by-step approach:

01 - First, open your inventory in SlabWare;

02 - Locate the slab whose status you want to update;

03 - Click the "actions" button;

04 - Search for the slab and click on the "set as Fabricated" button.

Done! With just a few clicks, your slab is already configured as "Fabricated" and your inventory is 100% updated.

When a customer calls and inquires about your delivery, you can open your inventory in our app or on your computer, search for the customer's slab, and see in the status whether the slab has already been cut or not, so you can easily provide feedback on delivery time.


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