Date: 11/10/2022

3 reasons why Countertop Fabricators should forget about hand-drawn Quotes and adopt a software solution

If you are an experienced Countertop Fabricator, you probably know how important it is to deliver fast and professional quotes to your customers.

The amount of time it takes for your prospect to have a quote in their hands may be a decisive factor in closing the deal or losing the client to competitors.

Another crucial element is that professional-looking quotes are more likely to gain credibility with customers than hand-drawn quotes that sometimes they can't even fully understand.

Like it or not, making quotes is a daily part of Countertop Fabrication businesses' work. However, quoting by hand is time-consuming and it doesn’t look that professional.

Bear in mind that time and professionalism translate as money to your business. Having a quote software would allow you to quote your countertop projects faster and more efficiently, which would consequently make time for you to focus on other important parts of your job.

Why have Quote Software?

1. Fast, instant Quotes
You wouldn't want potential customers to walk out of your countertop shop empty-handed. The least they should have is a great quote on their hands, or even better, in their email inbox.

If you take hours or days to give potential customers a quote, you may be losing them to competitors, who will provide them with a quote instantly.

That’s what quoting software is all about. In a few minutes, your quote should be ready with all the information and details your customer needs.
2. Professional-looking Quotes

Forget about hand-drawn quotes. You don't want customers not to understand all the info on your quote.

In addition to saving time, quoting with software also results in clear, organized, and good-looking quotes, which ultimately means professionalism.

The icing on the cake here is that good quote software unites all that organization and beauty with slabs pictures from your real inventory, so customers know what their final countertop will look like.

3. Don’t miss any areas of the project

Homeowners nowadays want more than one countertop in their houses. Not only may they have more than one in the kitchen, but also other rooms of the house.

With good quote software, Countertop Fabricators shouldn't worry about that, because the system will provide them with multiple-area quotes faster than you could imagine if doing it by hand.

SlabWare’s Quote is the one for you

SlabWare provides you with a great value-for-money professional Quoting feature without needing any other program, at no extra cost.

Our quote is clear, informative, and detailed. Countertop Fabricators don’t need to worry about projects that extend beyond one area of the house because SlabWare’s Quote allows them to create multiple areas in one project.

With our Quote feature, you can use real pictures of your slabs to show your customers what their countertops will actually look like after installation, and you can get their signature digitally before moving on with the project, so you have their approval for each step.

You can also readily email them, or create it in front of them so they don't leave your shop without a quote. Quickly give your customers a professional and transparent quote, and make them trust your professionalism.

Come and try the full SlabWare experience for 15 days, with this and all the other features of our software.

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