Date: 02/21/2022

The SlabWare implementation process

If you hired SlabWare to end your management and organization problems, you are one step away from a lighter routine. Adapting the company's culture to use it is important because it reflects greater productivity in the day-to-day.

SlabWare works intuitively and has all the features necessary for the countertop creator’s work routine to be easier and more productive, automating many processes in your chain.

First of all it is important to select well the team that will be responsible for operating SlabWare on a day-to-day life.

After that, the implementation must be accompanied by the entrepreneur himself/herself and a manager responsible for coordinating all areas that will implement SlabWare. It is recommended that all sectors involved and that can benefit from it be informed and instructed about their entry.

Schedule some time that each member of their respective areas has a DEMO with our commercial team, so we will help you in the best way using your new work tool.

The integration with SlabWare will make your team gain time and ease, as well as greater process security. In a short time the company will have everything centered in one place, Stock, Sales and Team Management.

Encourage and motivate your support team to use SlabWare leveraging the full potential of resources.

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