Date: 01/28/2021

Natural Stone Trends 2021

Floor-to-ceiling Stone

Stone is not just for countertops anymore. Adding a natural stone wall to your kitchen, bathroom, or even living area could really add warmth and make it more welcoming.

While tall backsplashes of granite,marble, and quartz are still on the rise, adding a natural stone brings an earthy and natural feeling to the home.

Homeowners are also using stone for floor-to-ceiling statement walls: a creative way to bring the outdoors to any living space.


Neutral, Earthy Colors

Neutral colors such as tans, browns, grays, and whites are among the growing 2021 natural stone trends.

These earthy colors are timeless and fit various interior styles and décor, so of course homeowners are looking to incorporate travertine or marble natural stone.

Minimalist patterns, such as those found in marble, are always popular, while some homeowners are leaning towards more colorful or intricate designs.


Elevate the Outdoors

Your yard is another opportunity to make a statement and should be considered an extension of your home.

Creating a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family is a trend that everyone can get behind.

Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace encased with natural stone or creating a patio or walkway, your outdoor space deserves to feel just as welcoming as your interior.


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