Date: 01/19/2021

Why SlabWare is the best option for You?

How can you manage your inventory, sales, and jobs without software?

If you use excel or paper it could be incorrect. Some of the problems that you might face by using this method include forgetting to add information, taking hours to type in all the information, and doing the invoices by hand.

Buying individual software to perform all of these tasks would be expensive.

Developing an App $40,000.00

Software to make sketches and estimates
$100 per user

A Label Software
$90 per month

Inventory Management
$150 per month

Developing an E-commerce

It would also be very difficult to manage everything, especially if there is no integration between the softwares.

SlabWare is a complete inventory management software that includes an app, sketches and estimates, label making option, sales tracker, and e-commerces for your customer easy to be used anywhere.

Slabware is a very user friendly software that will make your inventory management life easier and comes with a very fair price.

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