Date: 02/04/2021

Do you know the risk you´re taking with your business by using excel and paper notes?

When you use methods like Excel,Post-It Notes, and notebooks you take many unnecessary risks that your business can’t afford. 

Paper items can be lost or misplaced in so many ways and if you use Excel you’ve probably grown tired and frustrated with it’s bookkeeping functions.


  • Files or notes can be lost and the information contained might not be recoverable.
  • If the user enters information incorrectly it can be difficult to check or catch mistakes causing you to lose money or misplace materials.  Excel, for instance, has no system to automatically check for errors.


  • Entering individual notes can consume hours or even whole days and taking all this time leads you to forget important details.
  • Paper notes and files on your computer can make it hard or impossible for other departments to see what you are doing.

Of these factors combine to make it difficult to ensure that all your information is correct.With SlabWare you’ll have a complete online inventory management system with all the features you could want for a fair price!


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