Date: 07/14/2020

QRcode Reading

Every label or tag that you place on your slabs will have an QR code. QR codes contain more information than a text label and are easy to read; just open your camera app on your phone and point the camera at the code. Your cellphone will automatically process and display the information for that slab.  You can then use the functions described below to edit that data.

-  Video do scan do QRcode

Here are some actions that are important to learn:

Delete Slabs: The slab will be deleted.

Allocate: Moves this slab to another bundle.

Loss: Change this slabs status to “Lost”.

Change Location: Modify the slabs location in your warehouse.

Track Inventory: Use this feature to verify inventory and perform stock checks. Scan the QRcode on any slab in your inventory and make sure it has the correct location or status.

Status: Verify slab status (Sold, cut, etc).

More available: Find slabs of the same color or bundle from your system.


All of that is available by simply scanning a code with your cell phone’s built in camera!

SlabWare is a complete inventory management system built for the stone industry.

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