Date: 08/10/2022

Deliver countertops faster with SlabWare

In a countertop fabrication business, all the processes are codependent, everything should work as one integrated chain.

Your customers won’t trust your company’s professionalism if you provide good quoting and drawing but can’t keep up with services and delivery dates.


Also, your employees’ team won’t be working as efficiently as they could if they are not all on the same page, or if they don’t know who is doing what, and when each task should be completed.


As your countertop fabrication company grows, the demand is higher, which could mean more sales and more profit. Perfect, isn’t it? Not necessarily! If you get disorganized along the way, you may be losing potential customers, and consequently profit.


Having good scheduling to organize your team and services proves to be essential.


Why adopt an online scheduling solution?


Isn’t it curious that everyone walks around with a super-ultra-powerful communication device in their pocket, but countertop fabricators are still running their scheduling on sticky notes or a whiteboard?


It’s paramount that you use technology to ensure your team is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and your customers are fully pleased.


Scheduling is what keeps everything alive.


After you close a deal, your customers want to know exactly how long it will take to have their countertop installed at their homes. And you don’t want to give your client the wrong information or waste any time and resources.


Rely on a good online scheduling program and offer high standard service quality to your customers. 


How can your countertop business benefit from the SlabWare scheduling feature?


Scheduling software can keep your staff updated, reduce availability conflicts, keep track of time and attendance, and increase efficiency.


SlabWare provides you with a scheduling solution without needing any other program, with no extra costs: the Job Tracker feature. 


Your team can register photos before and after each job, get customers to digitally sign after each stage is completed, and keep the whole process organized, with no miscommunication, and no asking around.


Our Job Tracker offers a calendar where every user can visualize each step, from templating to installation, with expected dates and the employee assigned to each task.


The biggest differentiator of SlabWare from other setups is how easily you and your team can access all the info.


SlabWare is cloud-based, so everyone on your team can access it from anywhere, at any time, and multi-platform, so it can be used on the go and isn’t confined to desktop workstations, making it accessible from any laptop, tablet, and smartphone.


With the SlabWare app, all your employees have access to their own page with the My Jobs feature.


My Jobs is an exclusive page on the SlabWare app for your employees to organize all the tasks to be finished. All the info needed to complete a task such as info from the client, photos from the area, the slab to be used in the project, and more, are available on the employee’s card.


After a task is assigned to an employee through the Job Tracker it will be automatically added to "My Jobs" of that employee. It is also possible that the employees themselves add their tasks into "My Jobs", they just have to open the list of available jobs and select one.


Ready to join SlabWare?


SlabWare’s Job Tracker and My Jobs will help you to get the best from your team, improving your projects, and increasing your sales.


All these features are integrated with others, so your whole team is always on the same page, and your stock is automatically updated after each quote or sale.


SlabWare has all the tools you need to run your countertop fabrication business: cut costs, automate routine tasks, improve efficiency, streamline your business operations and accounts, replace paper processes, and have quicker and more accurate information.


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