Date: 05/31/2023

SlabWare Dashboards - Stay on Top of Your Countertop Business

The stone industry is challenging for a range of reasons. Countertop Fabrication businesses, for example, deal with lots of different details, numbers, and values all the time. Sometimes one may feel lost with so much information.

The more well-informed you are, the best your countertop shop will be running. Having a  clear view of your numbers is super important for Fabricators to make better decisions.

Are you aware of all your costs? What about your profit? Do you know which material you sell the most? How many countertop installations have your staff made in the last year?

Having an efficient dashboard might be helpful.

A dashboard is a crucial information panel for managers to monitor and interpret important indicators for organizational progress.
This tool provides a clear and easy-to-view display of valuable company information, making it a useful mechanism for any business routine and decision-making. Dynamic visualization of specific projects helps to identify failures, make corrections, and promote continuous improvement in operations, making the dashboard a fundamental tool for monitoring and improving organizational performance.

SlabWare is all-in-one countertop software, and it offers five complete dashboards for Countertop Fabricators to facilitate data monitoring, support decision-making, and track the company's performance.

The first one is the main dashboard, that summarizes important data in your company. In addition to it, there are four other dashboards separated by category: Job Tracker, Orders, Inventory, and Products. They all follow the same structure and function similarly.

You can find a button with the Excel symbol on all the dashboards. Clicking on it downloads an Excel file with the contents of that table/list.

On all dashboards, the manager can configure the permissions that the system users have, and what each one can see or not on each dashboard.

Main Dashboard


On the main dashboard, managers have access to several pieces of information.

There is a Job Tracker section where it’s possible to see the jobs an employee has to do on a day, week, or month. This one displays logged-in user data only.


You can also see a section for Orders, where you find info about all the payments to receive, grouped into different categories. There are overdue payments, payments with no records, open payments (partially paid), and payments due in (payments not made, still on time).


There’s also the Stock Report, where you can check the quantity, the total SQFT, and the total value of slabs available, on hold, sold, and the ones expected to arrive soon within the specific period you set.


Other info available on the main dashboard is the Top Materials in Stock, which is a list of materials with the largest quantities of slabs in stock, showing the slab status, and the Top Sales Quantity, which shows the best-selling materials, according to the selected period.



A very nice feature on the main dashboard is the Message Board, where users can communicate by leaving messages to each other about important details.

Besides, the main dashboard is where you check all the news from SlabWare, every update, and essential information from us to you.

Orders Dashboard

The Orders dashboard is the perfect tool for Fabricators to control everything about their sales and the financial health of their business.

On the Orders dashboard, you have access to all the numbers and information about every order, in different visualization options.


The Monthly Orders section shows a graph of all orders in your system for each month of the year, and each year is shown in a different color. It’s possible to choose between quantity, SQFT, or value.


The Not Paid section displays a round graph with the quantity, SQFT, or value of all unpaid invoices by payment status, just like the one on the main dashboard. When clicking on a slice of the graph, all the invoices that compose it are listed.

In the Orders section, It’s possible to check the quantity, SQFT, or value of all the Quotes and Invoices per salesperson or customer.

Job Tracker Dashboard

The Job Tracker dashboard is a tool for managers to stay on top of their scheduling and production, and to keep track of the whole team.

On the Job Tracker dashboard, it's possible to visualize a summary of everything your employees are doing.

There's a section called Manage with cards for each person, and you can see how many jobs and SQFT they have done in a month, year, or selected period. Another option is to filter by activity, such as Fabrication, Installation, etc.


The filters in this section affect the other reports (My Jobs and Jobs Done). When selecting a user, the page only shows data for that user. The same thing goes for the activity filters.

The My Jobs section shows every job of the person you’ve selected in the previous one within the set period. There are filters to check the status of jobs. They are canceled, late (not completed within the selected period), not done (not done and still on schedule), done, and delayed (all jobs delayed before the filtered period).


And the last section, Jobs Done, shows the number of jobs done by week of the month. The Weeks filter shows data from 16 weeks ago, and the Year filter shows data from 12 months ago. Clicking on ‘See More’ displays a graph of the previous period.


Inventory Dashboard

The Inventory dashboard is perfect for Fabricators who work with stock. It helps managers to keep track of their bundles and slabs, know everything about their materials, when to restock, and more.

In the Stock Report section, you find the same information displayed on the main dashboard. Filter a specific period to check all the slabs that are available, on hold, sold, and the ones expected to arrive soon. You choose if you want to see the info by quantity, SQFT, or total value.

The Materials section displays the best-selling materials or the ones that are on Hold the most within the selected period, and you can choose between quantity, SQFT, or value, like all the others.


Another section available on the Inventory dashboard is the Top Material in Stock. As in the main dashboard, this section lists the materials with the highest slab quantities in stock, categorized by status.

Products Dashboard

The product dashboard helps you keep track of all the items you sell in your company and their stock.

It informs how much each type of product has sold by quantity or value. Clicking on a slice in the round graph or the table lists which products of that type have sold best.


It also lists out-of-stock products whose quantity is less than 0 or less than the Minimum Stock Level.


SlabWare’s Dashboards promote business transparency by placing your company's information in a clear and organized way.

Don't waste any more time. Come and grow your stone business with SlabWare.

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