Date: 06/18/2020

Generate more business through the Mailing feature

Email marketing is one of the most used business communication channels today. Most people consider it less invasive and more assertive than other methods of contacting customers such as calls or physical mail.

It’s good to remember that your customer needs to be reminded of your business and that your business is there when they need it — emails are a great way to do this!

With SlabWare you can personalize emails for your entire customer database or targeted groups of customers.

Try these four tips to make your email marketing more effective.


Create Quality Content


Engaging content is a key part of creating a mailing that people open and follow to your website.

SlabWare comes with a built-in mailing feature that you can use to send new materials and special offers to any client or group.  Simply select the slabs or bundles you want and SlabWare designs the email layout and sends the offer.

Automate Your Routine


Let SlabWare handle your scheduled emailing and automatically send emails on holidays or important dates. A record of marketing dates and times reduces the risk of contacting customers too often.

With SlabWare you’ll have access to many detailed marketing reports, including numbers of clicks, views, and unsubscribes.  You can use this information to refine your marketing and choose the best days and times to reach out to your customers.

Choose Your Words Carefully


The words you use help your marketing stand out.  Words such as Free, Buy, Watch, Click, Open, etc are all used very often in email marketing but customers see them so much that they don’t have much impact.

Automated mailing with SlabWare helps you mention terms and keywords specific to your brand or that translate your companies purpose and can interest customers.  This interest helps create contacts and build relationships and is a key in email marketing. With SlabWare you write the email once and the system takes over from there.

Refine and Automate Your Marketing


As you interact with your customers you learn their interests and what’s important to them.  SlabWare allows you to create groups based on filters to offer relevant and personalized content.  This leads directly to closing more sales.

Then, as your business grows and contacts increase SlabWare gives you the ability to send large volume emails with the same system.



SlabWare is a complete software for inventory management, database automation, and emial marketing.  Automate your daily tasks and free up your time to run your business.

Create your account and try SlabWare free for 15 days.

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