How Can I Use My Remnants?

Everyone who fabricates natural or engineered stone is familiar with remnants.  No matter how careful we are to minimize waste or breakage there are always leftovers — remnants.  While some are good only for the scrap-pile many can be repurposed or reused for small projects like bathroom vanities, side tables, shelves, and more.

Below is a brief guide to some of the most popular uses for remnant pieces, how to organize them, and tips for promoting them online.

1-  Kitchen and Home Goods

This is a popular use for remnants.  Because of their durability natural stone remnants can be turned into beautiful and durable home furnishings, such as plates, cutting boards, and drink coasters. These can be gifted to your customers with their finished products or sold separately to generate income from your “waste”!

2- Sample Materials

Sample materials make it easier for you, your team, and your customer to visualize the materials you work with but samples don’t always match current stock.  Cut your own remnants into samples and you know that what you send home with your customers matches their actual slab. They can even be displayed or mailed out to solicit new business.

3- Create Your Own Custom Pieces


slabware                      slabware

You can add value to remnants and recover the lost value of broken material by combining them with other construction materials to create brand new pieces.  Stone-and-wood or stone-and-epoxy, for example, can make unique and beautiful pieces of highly sought-after furniture.

4- Make a smaller piece

Even if the remnant is too small for furniture or kitchenware you can always utilize it for table centerpieces, small shelves, or even artistically carved designs.  Combine geometric shapes to make new pieces and create new income streams!

5- Flooring

Stone floors may sound like an extravagant detail to add to a house but remnants or scrap pieces can be a practical — and stunning — way to impress visitors and make your home more unique.  Simply collect your remnants, choose a layout you love, and install. You can even do this yourself if you’re handy!

Sell Your Own Remnants Online!

Our favorite use for remnants!

Even if you can’t envision the above uses your remnants don’t have to be dead inventory anymore.  With Slabware you can easily sell them online!

When you use Slabware to manage your inventory you have the option of putting all your stock — whole slabs and remnants — into your own online store.  With a few clicks your customers can browse and make purchases. Quick and easy!

Learn more about Slabware — and start saving money — by starting your free trial today!  You can always schedule a call with our specialist team for more info.

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